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Dance Classes


Classes are available from beginner to advanced levels for boys and girls ages 2 to adult. Students are placed in classes according to age, experience and skill level.

Classes are 1 hour in length, (some 1 1/2 hour classes are available to our more advanced students at the instructor's discretion) and are available in the following disciplines:

There are also two introductory classes we call Babes in Motion (ages 2 to 3) and Petites in Motion (ages 3 to 4).

Each student has the opportunity to participate in our fabulous annual recital.

The dress code for all dance classes can be found here.


Babes in Motion

Ages 2 to 3 . A great way for your little one to experience dance for the first time. Children learn basic ballet and jazz steps as well as co-ordination through skipping, galloping and marching. Some work may also be done using mats doing, for example, forward rolls, backward rolls, bridges, etc.

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Petites in Motion

Ages 3 to 4. Our second introductory level for ages 3 to 4. Petites in Motion builds on our Babes in Motion class, but is also a great place to start! Both Babes and Petites are geared toward creating a solid foundation in dance. Students listen to age appropriate music such as Disney or Hi-5 and are encouraged to develop both discipline and imagination through turn taking and dance activities.

Note: both our Babes in Motion and Petites in Motion classes have 2 instructors present at all times to best supervise and meet your child's needs.

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Kinders in motion

Ages 4 to 5. Kinders In Motion is our transition from our introductory levels to our more structured disciplines of dance. Focusing on ballet and jazz technique, students will be introduced to new steps and work on combining these steps into movement across the room. Kinders In Motion is the perfect way to prepare students for any of our individual dance disciplines.

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Ages 5 and up. Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance and is a must for the serious dancer. Ballet teaches poise, grace and balance through work at the barre, in the center, and traveling across the floor.

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An advanced form of ballet for students selected by the teacher. Dancers must have extensive ballet training before being considered for Pointe classes.

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Ages 5 and up. Teaches an awareness of rhythm and timing. Students progress from basic sounds to complex patterns and dynamic rhythms. Learn to make music with your feet!

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Ages 5 and up. Focuses on development of strong technique of kicks, jumps and turns as well as performance quality in combinations and stylized routines.

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Ages 5 and up. Combining acrobatic and dance steps, students work on stretch and flexibility, beginning with cartwheels and handstands and progressing to tumbling and aerial work.

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A teacher assessment is required for registration to this class. Students will work on aerial and gymnastic skills as well as training and conditioning exercises to strengthen for advanced tumbling.

Level One - focus is on aerials and handsprings. Students must be able to perform both front and back walkovers and front and back limbers unassisted.

Level Two - focus is on front aerials, back tucks and layouts and advanced tumbling passes. Students must be able to perform aerial cartwheels and back handsprings unassisted.

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Hip Hop

Ages 5 and up. The latest dance craze as seen in videos and movies! Set to popular music, hip hop combines street dance and isolations.

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Ages 7 and up. Students are required to have a minimum of 1 year of jazz experience. Lyrical combines both jazz and ballet with a focus on grace and style. Students learn to portray lyrics through dance.

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Ages 9 and up with a minimum of 3 years previous ballet or jazz training. Contemporary dance evolved from classical, modern and jazz styles. It has become one of the most popular dance styles for trained dancers. With a strong combination of technique and quality of movement it has both story telling and emotion as well as intricate technical steps. It involves a lot of floor work and movement using the torso and upper body. Contemporary dance also revolves a lot around improvisation and body contact as well as changes in rhythm and attention to musicality.

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Dress Code for all Dance Classes

All students are required to wear the correct attire and footwear for all dance classes as outlined below.
Babes, Petites and Kinders In Motion black or pink bodysuit, pink tights, ballet shoes or gymnastics slippers
Ballet black bodysuit, pink tights, pink leather or canvas ballet slippers
optional - ballet skirt
Tap black bodysuit or sports bra and dance shorts or dance pants, pink or beige tights, black or beige tap shoes (slip-on or lace-up)
Jazz black bodysuit or sports bra and dance shorts, pink or beige tights, black or beige jazz shoes (slip-on or lace-up)
Acrobatics black bodysuit or sports bra and dance shorts, pink or beige footless tights, bare feet
Tumbling black bodysuit or sports bra and dance shorts, pink or beige footless tights, bare feet
Hip Hop comfortable street clothes that are non-restrictive (jeans or pajama pants are not acceptable), indoor running shoes
Lyrical black bodysuit or sports bra and dance shorts, pink or beige tights, foot undies or bare feet
Contemporary black bodysuit or sports bra and dance shorts, pink or beige tights, black or beige jazz shoes (slip-on or lace-up)
For all classes, hair must be secured back off the face. For information on boy's uniform, please inquire at the front desk.


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