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Another wonderful year has passed and JAM would like
to acknowledge a few of the Highlights of 2020.



JAM 2020 Competitive Team

Dancin Fool

This talented group of 77 dancers had a great start to another competitive year, bringing home many overall awards from the Northern Stars Competition. Unfortunately, this season was cut short due to COVID and they didn’t get another chance to shine. We are very proud of all the hard work they put into getting ready and look forward to seeing them back on stage when things return to some kind of normal. Congratulations girls!!

Pino Gravina Memorial Award

2018 Pino Gravina Award

Pictured from left to right - Kelsey Wakely, Miss Jennifer and Sarah Dover

The Pino Gravina award was created in memory of Miss Jennifer’s late husband. It is awarded every year to 2-3 students who have worked hard, shown consistently good work ethic and determination – qualities that exemplified who Pino was as a person. The 2020 recipients of this award are Sarah Dover and Kelsey Wakely.

While the 2019/2020 season ended rather abruptly with no recital the studio still decided to recognize dancers who had demonstrated “Outstanding Potential” and those who were “Most Improved” over the course of the year. This year’s recipients are as follows:

Outstanding Potential-
Ariya Aarons, Chloe Aldred, Lauren Anderson, Bianca Arantes, Isabelle Coulthard, Hanna Della Motta, Mikayla Farrow, Kaylee Gatchalian, Evelyn Hall, Addison Henry, Charlotte Kalmanson, Phoebe Kalmanson, Lucy Lee, Isabella MacMillan, Francesca Morales, Ava McSorley, Lia Opasinis, Valerie Ortiz, Ivy Parkinson, Emma Quinn, Leah Robinson, Erika Williamson, Lacey Woodcock, Anne Xu.

Most Improved-
Makayla Aarons-Thomas, Leekayla Abernethy, Victoria Adetoye, Ava Andreadis, Mia Barrileros, Amy Batho, Lauryne Beriault, Serena Buttrigney, Alexa Campkin, Bianca Cudel, Nicola Gonzales, Julia Gravina, Raya Hunter, Addison James, Ella Mae Latifpoor, Riley Leetham, Audrey Mitchell, Ekeoma Nnawuchi, Olivia Norbraten, Makayla Noumtinis, Charlotte Quinn, Quinn Senior, Kiera Slezak, Isobel Smith, Hannah Taylor, Libbey Vokey and Olivia Whelpdale.

Summer and Fall Season

We were fortunate enough to get a couple of months of in person classes in before being mandated to close again. All classes after that unfortunately remained on zoom. While this was not ideal the teachers and dancers did an amazing job adjusting to the constant changes that got thrown at them. We applaud everyone for being so resilient and adjusting and appreciated your continued support.

Light The Night Walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma

2016 Pino Gravina Award

2016 Pino Gravina Award

For the 13th consecutive year “Stallion Survivors” has participated in the Light the Night Walk for Leukemia & Lymphoma – like everything else this year though it was a virtual walk. We support this cause every year in memory of Miss Jennifer’s late husband – Pino Gravina, and in support of those who are currently battling this disease. This year was difficult to raise funds due to the restrictions and lock downs, however, we still managed to raise $5000., bringing our total raised to date to just under $185,000…….something Pino would be so proud of. We just want to thank everyone for there continued support in helping with this cause…we couldn’t do it without you. Together we will make a difference.


Highlights 2019